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The Mayday Fund’s current grant-making targets are:
  • projects that result in clinical interventions to reduce the toll of physical pain

  • pediatric pain

  • pain in non-verbal populations

  • pain in the context of emergency medicine

Mayday will also continue to be proactive in its commitment to promote networking between veterinary and human medicine, especially in an effort to inform measurements of pain in non-verbal populations. Finally, the Trustees of the Mayday Fund wish to be nimble enough to respond as special opportunities present themselves.

There are no deadlines. All applications for funding or proposals of other kinds are offered for consideration at the next Trustee's meeting.

Grants are made only to public charities and educational institutions officially recognized as such by the IRS. The Mayday Fund concentrates its activities in the United States. On occasion, grants have been made to Canadian organizations when the project has an effect that reaches beyond Canada. Grants cannot be made to individuals.

For all initial or new contacts please send an email to:
Christina Spellman, Executive Director

Please - mail and phone contacts only after initial email communication.  (Note this is an updated address).

c/o SPG
127 West 26th Street, Suite #800
New York, NY 10001