The process of applying to the The MAYDAY Fund is straightforward. The form below will require that you describe the project, including a rationale for how it will have an impact on some aspect of the pain field, and provide estimates of the timeline and the budget.

When they last reviewed the mission of the Fund, the Board affirmed their commitment to the principles of closing the gap between knowledge and practice and that it is better to be a rifle than a shotgun, which translates to their commitment to stay focused so as to create meaningful change.

The Board meets 3 times per year to review letters. When they are interested in a project, they ask for a proposal, which is then sent for peer review. We often invite proposers to meet with the Board to discuss the project. As MAYDAY is a family foundation, with a lay board, we often ask for clarification.

The MAYDAY Fund’s current grant-making targets are projects to address the following needs:

  • Research Bench to Bedside
  • Pain Thermometer
  • Knowledge & Networks
  • Alternative Strategies & Therapies

The Board of the MAYDAY Fund wish to be nimble enough to respond as special opportunities present themselves.

Grants are made only to public charities and educational institutions officially recognized as such by the IRS. The MAYDAY Fund concentrates its activities in the United States. On occasion, grants have been made to Canadian organizations when the project has an effect that reaches beyond Canada. Grants cannot be made to individuals. When appropriate, MAYDAY contributes an indirect costs allowance of 10 percent.

There are no deadlines. Applications for funding or proposals of other kinds are offered for consideration at the next Board meeting.

Inquiry Form