The Pain Research Forum (PRF) is a freely available, interactive, virtual community and resource for basic, translational and clinical researchers interested in chronic pain ( PRF provides the entire pain research community with a single venue within which to read the latest news, keep up with research discoveries, access resources and community information, and contribute to emerging themes and ideas relevant to pain research. The ultimate goal of PRF is to foster discussion and collaboration that will speed the acquisition of new knowledge and its translation into novel treatments for chronic and neuropathic pain.

RELIEF is a freely available web site for patients and the broader public that translates the latest pain research into clear and accessible language and ideas ( The goal of RELIEF is to provide readers with the information and knowledge they need so they can talk to journalists, policymakers, healthcare providers and others in order to help raise awareness of chronic pain and rally support for pain research. To achieve this aim, RELIEF publishes summaries of the latest pain research findings, feature articles, interviews with pain researchers, advocates, and patients, and also hosts podcasts and webinars.

17 May 2016