The CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control is looking for input on the management of acute and chronic pain. Information garnered from this notice will help inform CDC’s understanding of individual stakeholder’s values and preferences related to pain and pain management options. These stakeholders include patients with acute or chronic pain, patients’ family members and/or caregivers, and clinicians who care for patients with pain or conditions that can complicate pain management (e.g., opioid use disorder or overdose). CDC is seeking perspectives on and experiences with pain and pain management, including, but not limited to, the benefits and harms of opioid use. CDC is inviting input specifically on topics focused on using or prescribing opioid pain medications, non-opioid medications, or non-pharmacological treatments (e.g., exercise therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy).

CDC will be accepting public comment online and by mail. Individuals interested in sharing public comments should follow the instructions provided in the Federal Register Notice:

Any additional questions about this public comment opportunity should be sent to:

28 April 2020